About Side Recs

If you’re like most of us, you have probably seen a sticker or an online post about how and why you should support local artists and musicians. Well, if you’re really like us, you might have noticed that you don’t really hear that from record labels. Or maybe you’re a band who is struggling to find real success despite all the incredible feedback you’re getting, all while tired of playing empty clubs for 20 bucks in gas just to make to the next town and do it again.

So, in October 2015 our founders, Alexander Messick and Randy Seals, set out to create a record label for every artist – famous, weekend warriors, and in between. It is our quest to revolutionize this industry by making useful products and services available to every artist or band at a price that can’t be beat – and house it under one roof. We hope to create an atmosphere that anyone, not just our signed artists, can be a part of. We hope you’ll join us in that!


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Listen to your eyes and peel your ears open at some of Side Recs’ very own, and then order your very own copy of each of these albums, in limited-run vinyl or compact disc, in our online store.

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